The Nation: Koh Kong Puzzle

Here what the Nation, thai newspaper, describe about Koh Kong, a province of Cambodia, in the article “Koh Kong Puzzle”:

Known as Cambodia’s “Wild West” with its corrupt immigration officials, visa scams, crooked cops, prostitutes, illegal logging and gambling, Koh Kong could gain new notoriety if Thaksin Shinawatra’s ambitious development plans go ahead.


The town of Koh Kong once was part of Trat province under Siam in the 18th century. King Mongkut (Rama IV) named this eastern outpost “Prachanta Khiri Khet”, which rhymes with Prachuap Khiri Khan in the Thai South (after succesfully rob it from Cambodia!!!). Coincidentally, the two cities share the same latitude. Koh Kong was later a French colony in 1934.

You can read full article here: Koh Kong Puzzle

– About the corruption, The Nation can ask king bhumibol adulyadej how he can make billion $ first, to see if the sacred king of thailand is corrupted or not, before talking about corruption in Cambodia.

– The visa scams story reminds me about some cambodian with visa for entry to Thailand but thai officier later refused it.. (

– The crooked cops reminded me about thai police or thai army burn alive Cambodian villager that enter illegally to Thailand.

The prostitution: who doesn’t know that Thailand is a sex destination on earth? [According to research by Chulalongkorn University on the Thai illegal economy, prostitution in Thailand in the period between 1993 and 1995, made up around 2.7% of the GDP[1]. It is believed that at least 10% of tourist dollars are spent on the sex trade[2].]

– The Gambling: why casino are build in Cambodia, but along the border with thailand? why not in central Cambodia?

About the Koh Kong, i have another version:

Long long time a go, Thailand nowaday was part of Cambodia. After lost at many battle against Thailand, Cambodia lost many land to Thailand too: Battambang, Siem reap, …. But after Thailand lost at battle with French, the Cambodia colony, some part of those lost land was returning back to Cambodia. ( or


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2 Responses to The Nation: Koh Kong Puzzle

  1. កេសី ថា:

    GOOD JOB Vichet. i saw this article on The Nation since early this morning but just too busy to point it out to The Nation.

  2. Sophorth ថា:

    ពេញចិត្ត​ខ្ញុំពេញ​ទំហឹង ចំពោះការបកស្រាយ​របស់​វិចិត្រឯង។


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