Look at those bastard Thai people talk about Preah Vihear

Going to


we can hear some bastard thai people talk about Preah Vihear and the map Franco-Siamese. It is funny to see they try to lie to themselves and don’t accept the truth and pretend they are nationalism, even some of their historian scholar told them the truth.

The most silly of their comment is

I do not know why we, Thailand today, try to accept the maps 1 to 200,000 of hundred years ago when we are mapping the boundary of our release, based on the correct watershed.


That is a reason why some Cambodian hate/ get angry with Thai.
Which country does its people still welcome some nation that threat to invade their home country?

It is not all Thai people that think like those who are on “manager.co.th”, but cigarette fire can burn a forest.


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3 Responses to Look at those bastard Thai people talk about Preah Vihear

  1. ខ្ញុំធ្លាប់រៀនភាសាសៀមដែរ ក៏តាំងចិត្តអាន! ទីបំផុតខ្ញុំក៏ទទួលអារម្មវិលមុខ! អូចមិនកើតទេ


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